Invited Talks

The Solution Landscape of the Digital Transformation: Diversification, Integration, and Coherence, Keynote Speech, Computation World 2019, 6 May 2019, Venice, Italy.

Aligning Domain, Content, and Software Modeling in Web-based Information Systems, Keynote Speech, Computation World 2016, 23 March 2016, Rome, Italy.

A Modular Microservice Architecture for Multi-everything Content Management, Keynote Speech, Computation World 2014, 28 May 2014, Venice, Italy.

Content Management in the Cloud: A Case of Interoperability of Services Across Organizational Boundaries, Keynote Speech, Computation World 2013, 31 May 2013, Valencia, Spain.

Invited talk, BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Cloud Computing 2012 (CloudCon-2012), 28-30 Aug 2012, Dalian, China.

Content Management: An Area of Research and a Melting Pot of Approaches from Neighboring Fields, Keynote Speech, Computation World 2011, 28 September 2011, Rome, Italy.

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